SCHOTT ZWIESEL - The glass of the professional.


The global brand Schott Zwiesel offers functional products with a focus on special glassware series for beverages and Innovative products for serving. Sommeliers, winemakers, internationally renowned chefs and top-of-the-class hotels, as well as end consumers in more than 120 countries value the holistic service based product portfolio.


Especially high professionals who use the internationally patented TRITAN®-Technology have an exclusive advantage. The glassware creations are perfectly tailored to ambitious requirements. The design concept is based on characteristics like brilliance, robustness and persistence. But SCHOTT ZWIESEL has never lost sight of timely design. The product range emphasises the quality rating of the raw material glass and its gracefulness in design and colour. That is how, at SCHOTT ZWIESEL, we develop orchestrations that elate guests and hosts in equal measure, in the world of gastronomy and the hotel sector as well as within the domestic sector.